"Our stories are the tellers of us." - Chris Cleave

What are we but a collection of our stories? A Good Yarn is a blog and creative service dedicated to telling the stories behind the processes, people, and goods that find their way into our homes and our lives.


In our culture of disposability, it is our responsibility as artists, makers, and design appreciators to bring the why and the how of our trades to the forefront of the consumer's mind. A Good Yarn is about knowing how our favorite objects came to be, the stories they tell, and the tools collectors, designers, small business owners, and makers need to reach the masses. Think of it as the farm-to-table movement of the design world.

A Good Yarn is created and curated by Melissa Andersen from Cedar Grove, NJ, where she lives with her husband, Bobby, her rescue dog, Molly, and her two rescue cats, Peeka and Boo, in a circa 1725 historic home named the Jacobus House (that's it on the homepage and at left!). She is a freelance writer, editor, blogger, and social media specialist in the home, interior design, and handmade spaces.